The Choirs


 Our Treble choir is for singers in 2nd-8th grades.  In Treble, we learn all the fundamentals for correct vocal production.  We focus on breathing, vowel formation, intonation, articulation, and more -- as we rehearse a wide variety of songs.  We sing in unison and harmony, which strengthens our ability to hear and hold vocal part.  Treble performs all over the RVA area throughout the year, as well as three performances for Friends & Family.  No audition is necessary for Treble, just a desire to sing, learn and have fun along the way!


Encore is an audition choir for girls in grade 6-12.  Auditions are held each May for the following season (September - June).  Encore sings a wide variety of vocal styles (classic choral, musical theater, pop, jazz, acapella) in two to five-part harmony.  Extensive focus is given to vocal production and performance.   Girls are encouraged to sing with Treble for at least one year before auditioning for Encore.  However, exceptions can be made for singers with sufficient experience.

The Directors

Brittany Anderson

Brittany Anderson began her love for music and theatre in a group just like YMS! She continued to participate in theater and choirs throughout high school and college. Most of her performing happens now in post-dinner dance & lip-sync parties with her family! She received her degree in Education and now finds great joy in combining her loves of music and teaching children.

Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson has over 20 years of experience working with children, music, and musical children!  When she is not directing the Young Midlothian Singers, Katie also teaches private piano and voice lessons, and group piano/music theory classes to young children.  Katie loves reading, traveling, seeing live music and theater, and spending time with her four children.