Our tag line has always been “Come Find Your Voice With Us” and that is true now more than ever. We believe that our mission to provide a place for children to develop and share their voices, not only musically but as confident, involved and valued members of our community is of the utmost importance in our world today. 

With most schools opening virtually this fall, we realize that this limits the opportunities most children have to sing together in music and choral classrooms.  At YMS, however, we have some flexibility that the schools and many other organizations do not. According to several studies in our research, we will be able to sing together in real life this fall!

In order to do this, we will put the following measures in place to keep eachother as safe as possible:

  • Singers will be spaced at least 6 ft apart with a limited number participants.
  • There will be no choreography, partnering or close blocking
  • No music will be shared
  • Singers will wear masks in to rehearsal, take off mask and put on face shield while singing and wear mask out of rehearsal
  • The bathroom will be limited to emergency use only
  • Each singer will need to bring own water bottle
  • Singers will be required to stay home if they have ANY symptoms of COVID or any other illness
  • A hand sanitizing station will be used upon entering rehearsal
  • Singers will be welcomed into rehearsal and dismissed using social distancing

These are small, temporary changes that we have the ability to make. It seems more than worth it to us as we strive to provide a meaningful, consistent way for our singers to develop their talent while strengthening their friendships and sense of community through gathering safely.