What is the age range for Young Midlothian Singers?

Young Midlothian Singers is for children, grade 2 and up.

Do you have to audition for Young Midlothian Singers?

There is no audition required to sing with our main group, “Treble.”  Middle and high school students are eligible to audition for “Harmony” in May.  We normally prefer for singers to sing with YMS for an entire year before auditioning for Harmony, but if your child has been singing in their school and/or church choir, they will still be welcome to audition this May.  Harmony singers may then invited to sing with Encore when the directors determine they are ready.

Do you have to be a “good singer” to join?

No! Our Treble choir is meant for singers of all experience levels. Our job is to teach you how to use your voice to sing and as a powerful tool.

What are the performances like?

One of the most rewarding parts of singing with us are the many performing opportunities we have throughout the year! Each session we perform 3-5 times throughout the greater Richmond area. We always have a full house at the Friends & Family performance but are also able to have singing at sporting events, area festivals and sites as well as singing for service at hospitals and assisted living centers.

Performing in a choir is one of the best ways to build confidence, poise and to make your voice heard out in the community!